Hi! My name is Nikolai Sokolov, but most people give up after the second vowel and call me Kai. Don’t feel bad if you can’t pronounce my last name; about 2% of the American population can, according to a study completed by my brain, using no science, maths, or logic whatsoever.

I’m thirteen, not seven, and yes, eventually I’ll probably grow. I just made five feet, so go me! One of these days I’ll be tall. You just wait.

I started this blog as a way to be creative, share my story, and get some extra credit for English class. Life Of A Little Russian covers everything from everyday middle school life, to national and worldwide debates. I enjoy sharing my opinion, and hearing the opinions of others.

If you can’t tell from the title, I’m short and I’m Russian. Russian is my first language, so please excuse any bad English, or sentences that don’t translate well. Most don’t.

I live with my four sisters, my oldest sister’s boyfriend, our two cats, one dog, and one Mexican Mint Plant. His name is Fred. Don’t judge.

Just a warning, there are some sensitive topics. These are my real experiences about  being abused as a young child, watching people (and one dog) die, and being on the, um, See-Your-Life-Flash-Before-Your-Eyes side of a gun. Poetry Thursday is very in depth, and has all the details you could ever ask for and ones you didn’t. Some post are cheery, and others aren’t.

So, assuming you’re still here, explore! I’d enjoy to hear from you, and check out you blog as well.

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